About me

Elly Searle



Long ago, I worked in technical support. Then I realized that I’d rather start at the source and make people’s lives better by designing useable, useful, and desirable user experiences.

Within user-centered design, I’ve covered a lot of ground. I know how to speak and think like my users, I can design, run, and analyze user studies, and I can create designs and justify them to a client. I’ve got experience delivering world-ready solutions. (Ask me about why drop shadows are a bad idea in China.) My diverse background means I can provide insights and solutions from lots of angles.  I crave new challenges.

I am currently a Principal UX Writer at Nordstrom and recently taught UX Writing Fundamentals at the School of Visual Concepts. I’m open to teaching and speaking opportunities.

For more on how I see the world: Photo a day project   Travel photos